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How does Brachytherapy Treatment for Prostate Cancer work?

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer it is important to understand the various treatments available.

Men with early stage prostate cancer have several treatment options available to them including, watchful waiting, surgery, and radiation therapy. It is now understood that External Radiation, Radical Prostatectomy and Radioactive Implants (Brachytherapy) provide the same cure rates in early stage prostate cancer. Discussing these options with your medical team and others who may have experienced similar treatments will be helpful in coming to a treatment decision that is best for you.

We will detail the advantages of permanent seed brachytherapy enhanced by computerized technologies.

Brachytherapy is a form of radiation therapy where small radioactive seeds about the size of a grain of rice, are implanted into the prostate. Permanent seed brachytherapy has the same PSA control rate as radical prostate surgery and external beam radiation but with a lower complication rate (urine leakage and sexual dysfunction) and a much faster recovery time. Seed implant is an outpatient procedure that, unlike surgery, does not require an overnight hospital stay and rarely requires the home use of a urinary catheter.

Dr. Stephen Doggett, a fellowship trained Radiation Oncologist, has focused his practice in the area of permanent seed brachytherapy. To learn more about the pioneering advances developed by Dr. Doggett and colleagues click here to learn more.

Dr. Stephen Doggett

Dr. Stephen Doggett

Radiation Oncologist

Stephen Doggett, M.D. completed his Medical Degree at the University of South Florida College of Medicine (1980) and was awarded an internship at Richland Memorial Hospital at the University of South Carolina. He furthered his training with an Internship in Internal Medicine and practiced Emergency Medicine in Bradenton, Florida. Dr. Doggett's interest in Radiation Oncology led him to the residency program at St. Mary's Medical Center in San Francisco (1986) and was selected to be Fellowship trained in Brachytherapy and Hyperthermic Oncology at City of Hope National Medical Center (1987). Dr. Doggett has since focused his Private Practice in the area of Radiation Oncology and seed implants. Dr. Doggett continues to lecture and teach physicians internationally.

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